30 Hours Evaluation

Coda can support with evaluating your 30 hours childcare offer and establishing localised sufficiency

Coda has been deeply involved in preparing for 30 hours and is now working with local authorities and other stakeholders to ensure successful implementation.

In the past 18 months, we have undertaken five sufficiency assessments which have specifically focused on the need to ensure that a localised supply of 30 hours free childcare offer which matches parental demand. These sufficiency assessments were delivered through structured consultation with early years childcare providers and appropriate samples of parents of children aged 0-4 years.

This work builds on a heritage that includes the delivery of over 30 Childcare Sufficiency Assessments for local authorities throughout England and Wales since the process was implemented in 2007.

Initial evaluation is essential for local authorities. Early indications are that the 30 hours offer will prove to be a very popular programme with working parents, and therefore a high demand may create sufficiency shortfalls, which local authorities will need to address.  

From Autumn 2017 we are supporting local authorities as follows.

  • Roll Out Evaluations – Autumn Term 2017
    This work will assess the initial 30 hours free childcare roll out in its first term. This work will be undertaken in November and December 2017
  • 12-month Evaluations
    This work will review the implementation of the 30 hours free childcare offer in its first year. This work should commence in June 2017

These process and impact evaluations and reviews will capture information and report on:

  • Take-up and drop-out
  • Perceived and actual barriers to take-up
  • Parental preferences, including in terms of preferred provision where they are accessing the offer
  • Effects on parents working practices
  • Why certain eligible parents are NOT accessing the offer
  • How localised sustainability for providers is being affected, including any emerging financial implications
  • Challenges being experienced by providers, including in terms of them offering extended hours
  • Impacts on other areas of the localised childcare market(s)

The evaluations and reviews incorporate:

  • Consultation with relevant parents and carers
  • Consultation with participating and non-participating daycare providers and childminders
  • Analysis of monitoring data
  • 30 hours free childcare offer-focused gaps analysis

The key outcome of our work will be strategic analysis and recommendations. Additionally, it will clarify emerging market capacity and parental preferences. This information will be essential in order to ensure that localised 30 hours offers are addressing demand.

To discuss your evaluation strategy with us or to commission Coda to support this work, please contact David Noble on 07711 518366 or e-mail: david@codaconsultants.com