Childcare Sufficiency Assessments

Coda’s experience of researching and analysing childcare sufficiency data goes back as far as the days of ‘childcare audits’ in the early days of Sure Start. Since the Childcare Act 2006 we have undertaken numerous Childcare Sufficiency Assessments for local authorities of varying sizes and characteristics.

While there is no longer a requirement for local authorities to conduct full-scale Childcare Sufficiency Assessments, many still see the value in gathering this level of data – Coda has undertaken five full CSAs in the last 18 months.

A new sufficiency challenge for local authorities will be ensuring there is local capacity for the new entitlement to 30 hours free childcare. Our expertise in assessing childcare markets and consulting providers can help you plan effectively to implement the new offer.

Our experience

Coda has extensive experience of assessing childcare sufficiency and helping local authorities plan to secure it. Since 2006 we have been commissioned on over 30 childcare sufficiency projects including many full Childcare Sufficiency Assessments.

We can provide:


  • Parent consultation through a range of survey methods, including face-to-face questionnaires, telephone interviews and online surveys. We guarantee high response rates.
  • Provider consultation
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews, including hard to reach
  • Consultation with local employers and HR
  • Consultation with young people, using appropriate methods to ensure engagement

Statistical analysis:

  • Working with FIS to analyse supply data
  • Supply and demand assessment to enable accurate gaps analysis