Free Schools and Academies

Coda has been working with Free School proposer groups and Academy trusts since 2011, supporting their new school projects at both the proposal and pre-opening stages.

If you are planning to open a new school, Coda can support with:

  • initial market research and scoping,
  • community canvassing and consultation
  • project management

Coda has particular skill and experience in supporting proposer groups to evidence demand for their school. This is done by canvassing support for the school out in the local community, and collecting signatures of support from parents who are happy to state that they would use the school. Coda routinely collects numbers of signatures well in excess of the minimum required for a viable Free School, providing compelling evidence for Section E of the proposal.

Coda can also support in gathering all other aspects of the evidence required for Section E, such as mapping other schools and stakeholders in the area.

Free Schools in their pre-opening phase are required to undertake a statutory ‘Section 10’ consultation. Coda can manage the entire Section 10 process, including:

  • Community outreach to gather hard applications for the school ahead of its designated
  • Engaging local stakeholders and inviting their comments on the proposal
  • Organising an facilitating consultation events
  • Managing communications

Coda can undertake consultations for schools wishing to convert to Academy status.

Premier Early Years

Coda works in association with Premier Early Years, an organisation which helps new and established schools develop on-site early years childcare provision.